Get your game face.

Every guy has been there.

Picture this: You’re gearing up for a first date, an interview, or a wedding. You catch a glance in a mirror (you handsome devil), but then your heart sinks. A pimple made its grand entrance for the big event, treating your face like a red carpet.

At Guise, we craft products that refuse to let your skin hold you back. We create with men’s skin and men’s lives in mind, providing confidence for every occasion.

Premium men’s cosmetics created with three principles:


Life doesn’t give you a pause button. That’s why our products cater to the man on the move. Our solutions offer quick fixes and on-the-go application, letting you spend less time worrying about your skin and more time conquering your day. Guise products are your reliable, portable arsenal, ready to tackle skin concerns whenever and wherever you need.


We’re dedicated to ensuring you always look your best while also maintaining a low profile. From understated packaging—subtle and sleek, from tube to envelope—to formulas made for a natural, easy blend, our products stand as your trusty companion, never stealing the spotlight.


Guise partners with expert chemists to meticulously craft our formulas, scrutinizing every ingredient we use.  We formulate our products to meet the industry’s most rigorous standards for clean beauty, ensuring you feel as good about using them as they make you look.

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